Blogging Idiocy

Posted on August 14, 2006. Filed under: Blogroll, journalistic, Life Experiences |

There are some real pieces of work out there in the blogging community, and that is putting it nicely…

For someone who has just recently started blogging, I am all hyped. After getting my blogg set up I started to network myself on sites such as NowPublic and reddit, trying to bring traffic to my blog. I’ve been like a little kid anticpating Christmas and presents. I have been patient and excited, but unfortunately the first comment I got was the Christmas equivalent of getting a bag of switches….

A commenter who named himself Xiol had this to say about my blog:

“You suck. Spamming your shitty blog on Reddit.”

Hmm, this makes me think. What kind of intelligence do we have out there in the blogging community that we resort to such pettiness. I mean, come on, is there nothing better to do with your time than trash someone’s blog, probably before you even read it. Secondly, just how old are you?

Despite my first comment coming in the form of idiocy, I am undeterred in my efforts. So what, if Xiol, thinks my blog is shit. I don’t and I’m sure there are others that agree.

I recently read an article titled “How NOT to Comment on Comments” that I think every blogger should read. If you are going to make a comment, put some thought and effort in to it. Don’t be like Xiol and spew the first thing that comes from your mouth, because like any spew it’s a close relative of shit.

That being said, thank you Xiol, for your wonderful insite in to the Blogging idiocy out there in the community. Despite your effort to dishearten me you have only ignited my passion and please, do look forward to my future “spamming of my shitty blog on reddit”. I hope to get more intelligible comments from you. What insight your provide…Here is a gift for your efforts…

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2 Responses to “Blogging Idiocy”

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Well said. Well said.

Isn’t it amazing how people waste their time and yours with useless comments. A comment is a precious thing, a moment in time where words are saved FOREVER publicly. You think people would take them more serious. Good on you!

Great site, I am bookmarking it!Keep it up!
With the best regards!

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